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NOTE: Due to the greed of Playtika, the corporation who owns Slotomania, I will not be sharing new links after the Slotocard game ends here at the end of August. I am currently looking for a new slot game to play. I feel I must leave for Slotomania for three main reasons:

The first and main reason is that the game is rigged (aka programmed) and does not let the free player win. I have 15000 Facebook friends on my four main Facebook accounts and 32000 unique visitors who come to my website monthly. I asked them recently who had won the Slotocard game for free, NOT A SINGLE PERSON CLAIMED TO HAVE WON FOR FREE. Slots should be a game of chance, here it is not. I understand the business aspect of their website, but the product I am seeking is a game of chance. They do not offer such a chance to free players. Why should I play a game where there is zero chance of me winning as a free player? I understand most clearly now that the reels are stacked to make the free player lose...  so it is time to move on. 

The second main reason I am leaving the Slotomania game is there is no hope for me to advance on Slotomania. I reached their gold status for free on all of my various accounts by only playing on double and triple XP days, but the huge leap to platinum status makes even that ploy implausibly unsuccessful. Since Slotomania wipes out our gains at the end of the year, I see myself unable to advance farther in this game. I had hope to reach platinum status so I could collect my daily coin gifts quickly, but now I understand that reaching this goal is impossible as the game is programmed now.

The third reason is probably not as obvious to the average player. Seems since Playtika took over, Slotomania coin links have become harder and harder to find. I used to be able to hunt down and collect 40 plus links in less than an hour or so. On weekends I could find 80 plus links within two hours of work and a 100 if I worked three or four fours.. Nowadays I spend two plus hours searching for the same 40 unique links and it is impossible to find 60 links, nevertheless 100. Seems Slotomania is working hard to limit the free coin links they make available for me to find. The more they limit their links the less I have been able to help my friends, something which has been important and meaningful to me.

Overall, I am done. I am fried, I am wiped out. Time to move. I am betting there is a new game out there fighting for market share and willing to give their players more than the big dog Slotomania. Hope I find it soon enough. I would love to keep sharing with friends on the next game I find if possible.